Crossing Service at Primera Angostura


Due to the increasing demand for connecting Patagonia Chile-Argentina in Tierra del Fuego to the continent, Transbordadora Austral Broom established a maritime transporting service, in 1968, at the east inlet of the Strait of Magellan. This is the narrowest part of the Strait that connects the island to the continent. It is called Punta Delgada.

At present, there are three Roll-On Roll-Off connecting Punta Delgada, in the continent to/from Bahía Azul, in Tierra del Fuego.

Punta Delgada terminal is located 170 km. north of Punta Arenas. Once in Tierra del Fuego you can drive to Porvenir and Cerro Sombrero (in Chile) or to Río Grande and Ushuaía (in Argentina).

These terminals work from 08:30 A.M. (Continent) to 11:00 P.M. (Island) every day.

Service provided by :

Ferry Pionero - Ferry Patagonia
Crossing Time :
20 minutes approx.
Distance : 4650 M. (2.5 nautical miles.)

Departure Times

Punta Delgada
Bahía Azul

Warning: Departure times can be changed due to weather, tide or traffic conditions.

Cancellation due to tide changes   

Today, Enero 19 , 2018 the crossing service between Punta Delgada (continent) and Bahía Azul (Tierra del Fuego Island) will not be cancelled

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